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Get the solutions for all your business needs under one roof.

Our expert digital marketing team can build your brand’s online presence to enhance its visibility and awareness among target audience.

Keep your employees, infrastructure, and critical services safe from fire and other hazards with our ‘Fire Safety and Prevention System.

We create a customized itinerary for your company’s offsite trips and business travel. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Make your business green-energy efficient with our cost-effective solutions on solar power, rainwater harvesting, and waste management.

We fulfill all your requirements for food-grade plastic and paper plates, and packaging material. We can do it for individual organizations and event management companies as well.

Safety and hygiene of your people is paramount. Hence, we provide PPE kits, facemasks, sanitizers, gloves, temparature guns and any other medical equipment you need.

Get ideas, insights, and consulting services for anything your business needs, from validating business concepts to recruiting and hiring, green-energy efficiency, and more.

From Below-the-line marketing campaigns to corporate R&R functions, we have a proven track record in organizing and managing corporate events.

We support the environment with providing solutions related to Solar, Rainwater Harvesting & Waste management.

Brainstorming business ideas & strategies

We keep searching for novel business problems of to solve. If your company is struggling to find a solution for a unique problem, drop us a line. We’ll build a customized solution for you.

Skyrocketing business ideas over cross-platforms

Our solutions enable your business to scale in a scientific manner and prepare to sustain and grow itself in the future.

Teens Communication

2006 - 2007
Cyber Cafe and Game Zone
A bunch of college guys put together and successfully run a local cyber cafe cum gaming zone.

Mumbai on Web

2011 - 2014
Web Design and Development
We get our hands dirty in the online marketing world by building digital presence for personal and business brands.

Auxilium Digital

Digital Marketing and Web Development
We take digital marketing to the next level by delivering top-notch services to brands like Podar Group, Neptune Group, Reliance, Amazon, Komli etc.

Auxilium Plastic & Paper Product

Packaging Solutions
We start providing plastic and paper food packing material to restaurants and event companies.

Auxilium Renewable & Recycle Solution

Solar Solution | Waste Management | Rain Harvesting
We build solutions to assist companies become more energy efficient and contribute to a greener future.

Ingenio Events

Event Management
Auxilium dips its toes successfully in event management by organizing events.

Auxi Travel

Travel Assistance
The travel business gets underway when we organize trips to Chandigarh, Srinagar, and Kerala for corporate clients.

Auxi Fire

Fire Safety Assistance
We start selling the novel Fireball to corporations pan India.

Auxi Consultant

We consult entrepreneurs on business concepts and IT infrastructure. Consulting projects for other needs follow.

We Got It

Marketplace | Shopping Cart
Our own digital store for getting our product to your doorstep. We have solar Product, fire safety equipment, medical essentials & packaging material

Auxilium Medical Essentials & Textiles

Medical Solutions
We provide PPE kits, facemasks, sanitizers, gloves, temparature guns and any other medical equipment you need.

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